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Visit to Kaunas Makerspace, Lithuania

Visit to Kaunas Makerspace during a #CreativeSpirits  meeting in Kaunas. Waterford is one of 9 European cities working together to promote creative entrepreneurship and creativity #waterfordculturalquarter SEMS Chairperson of South East Makerspace, Aileen Drohan, is a member of the steering committee for the development of a Cultural Quarter in Waterford. Fantastic to be […]


  I.I.L.I. is an Immersive Interactive Light Installation,  taking place at 16/18 O’Connell Street, Waterford, during Imagine Arts Festival 2017. Created by a small group of members from South East Makerspace, a kinect camera with motion tracking software picks up the location and movement of people in a gameplay […]