Winter 2023/24 Update

South East Maker-space (SEMS) formally disbanded as a separate entity in 2023. Ultimately we did not have the numbers required to maintain viability.

However, we are pleased to announce our new relationship with the Men’s Shed movement.

We are formally affiliated with the Ferrybank Men’s Shed. This allows much of the work to continue at a new site. Equipment has been moved and the site continues to develop.

For clarity: Membership of SEMS via Men’s Shed is open to all genders.

The Old Site at Thomas Hill

In February 2023, the site at Thomas Hill became unavailable to us; the site is currently under substantial redevelopment for a new purpose.

Affiliation with the Men’s Shed

This solution presented itself during 2023 and allows SEMS to continue and maintain a maker-space presence in the South East. We occupy part of the site at Ferrybank Men’s Shed, and the site will continue to develop over the following months and years.

We are pleased to welcome existing, past and future members under our new guise.


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